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Speaking the Love Language of CFOs

speaking-the-love-language-of-CFOsLove is in the air, which got us thinking… what is the love language of a CFO?

For those of you not familiar with “love languages” the basic premise is that different people have different personalities, which means they give and receive love in different ways. And while this may sound like it’s only related to romance it certainly doesn’t have to be! Fundamentally, love languages are a way to discuss how people build connections, feel appreciation, and perceive their value. The conversation around love languages focuses on giving someone else what they need and what they will appreciate the most.

So, what do CFOs really want?

Our team weighed in during a planning meeting, and their answers were too good not to share:

  • A clean balance sheet.
  • Debits that match credits.
  • A quick close.
  • Positive cash flow.
  • Timely reporting.
  • Properly maintained internal controls.
  • Accurate financial statements.
  • Data-backed forecasting.
  • Proactive tax planning.
  • Clear financial projections.
  • The right KPIs being monitored.
  • Proactive variance analysis.
  • Effective working capital optimization.
  • Painless regulatory compliance.

So, there you have it! We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we enjoyed brainstorming them!

If your organization is looking for ways to keep your CFO happy, this list is a great place to focus your team’s efforts. While this was meant to be for fun, it does point to some key areas that all companies should be keeping an eye on to ensure their long-term financial viability.

If your CFO is spending countless hours working through any of these areas, don’t let them continue losing sleep over them! When you need support in your CFO role, contact us. We offer consulting CFOs and outsourced Controller services across multiple markets. Whether you need ongoing high-level accounting help or support with strategic finance activities, we can help. Our seasoned team of fractional CFOs and Controllers bring unmatched experience to every engagement, making them a top choice among organizations that are looking for a way to supplement their financial leadership functions. Find out more today!

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