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Alex de Soto

Alex de Soto

Alex de Soto anchors the CFO Selections search practice. He brings over 25 years of experience in accounting, finance, human resources, and executive search to his role as leader of the search team. Since 2008, he has spent most of his time helping CEO’s and CFO’s of Pacific Northwest based companies find that unique match they seek for a CFO or Controller.

Recent Posts by Alex de Soto:

How to Find & Hire Qualified CFO Controller Candidates

Whether your business has grown to a size that requires a trusted professional to handle your financials, or it has become apparent that a replacement is necessary for someone in a key position, hiring a qualified CFO or controller can be a challenge.  Your company's CFO or Controller is an essential member of your senior management team.

When you hire a CFO or Controller, where do you start? What should be your primary focus? The answers to these and other questions could be the difference between qualified candidates and warm bodies with resume in hand.

Topics: Hiring Planning Controller

How Much Overlap Should There be Between the Outgoing & Incoming CFO?

Your CFO has been a part of your organization for many years and is now planning to retire. You have the great fortune to have CFO Selections help you find an outstanding replacement with CFO executive search services or CFO consulting services.

Topics: CFO Hiring Planning Staffing